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and then we talk about some cars, ford, chrysler, gm, strong sales numbers for the month of january, more to come with gas going up and speaking of not losers but winners, here is some from the s&p. dagen: bottom of the hour. stocks now and every 15 minutes. nicole: the drug index is higher. when you take a look at rite aid and merck. rite aid has been higher today. it announced it has begun a series of debt financing transactions. this is certainly something that is very important for rite aid. here we are at merck. merck is down 2.8%. they have actually delayed plans to seek regulatory approval for an experimental osteoporosis treatment. those are two names related to drugs. of course, the vix, the fear index has pulled back. there are plenty of green arrows across the board. connell: thank you, nicole. the debt crisis in this country that you hear so much about may not be as dire as we originally thought. we are joined by a chief economist now. a big headline in the los angeles time this morning that u.s. debt worries are not so dire. i am sure we could dial up a guest in a heartbeat t
but this lot here in sunnyvale now is a ford dealership, a pre-owned ford dealership so the area here is moving on. >> drivers using the central freeway in san francisco may not know which lane they are in because there aren't in. caltran tore up a myself the top lay we of the central freeway in mid-january. they wiped out the lane markers which have not been replaced. the "san francisco chronicle" reports cold weather has held off the repaving and this affects drivers headed south off the bay bridge to the interstate 80 split headed down to 101. >> the drivers who stopped traffic on interstate 880 in oakland to perform stunts could face little more than a slap on the wrist. spectators took cell phone videos of the drivers doing doughnuts. under california law punishment if driver whose take part in this is light, unless someone is hurt or killed. >> obvious charges are misdemeanor of reckless driving and exhibition of speed but i am sure the charge they would want to be considering would be conspiracy which is a felony. >> the san francisco sheriff says there is a state law allowing for seizur
is a risky stock but on the rimmer--rumor lell on the news. the stock could run on the summer and ford selling hybrids. don't trust the media if you think that ford is selling outselling toyot a? not the case....but watch out for ford and electrical cars but have you seen the new ford fusion hybrid? let us talk about an e-mail do you believe in the january baromoter? >> as january goes so goes the stock market. from 1960, it has only had the seven major glitches. we are closing this on a higher note from the s&p 500. january, is when people are pretty optimistic they are investing for more than just one month. >> thank you if you would like to have robbed answer your question? posted on this facebook fan page. >> jacqueline: a beautiful picture with a another warm day are round the bay. currently, 60's and '50's near the coast. 55 near novato and overnight it will stay mild. temperatures are going to be through the north bay, the delta dense fog near santa rosa. and patchy fog to the delta, the inland valleys and they did a thicker towards the south bay and hovering is when we could ge
as utryanleo ares saon swetr especially for e more profitable pick-up truck segment. ford's 22% iforease in january sales compared to a year ago led the u.s. based g.m. and chrysler sales were up 16% each. it was the strongest january in five years for chrysler. and to ta's u.s. sales climbed 27%. ford and g.m. stocks didn't move much, up a half percent and a third of a percent respectively. but toyota jumped 2.9% to a new 52 week high. meantime, two energy giants reported strong fourth quarter profits. exxon earnings were 20 cents per share above estimates even though energy production dropped. chevron also had better than expected fourth quarter earnings d p share, 24 cents above estimates. it was helped by refining cheaper oil, leading to higher profit margins. chevron shares saw the bigger boost, up 1.2%. ped four of the five most actively uner.adds we .up. otlls&p 500 volatityfe ne than 5%, as it usually moves in the opposite direction of the market.s. cufomoarket >> tom: despite the rise in the unemployment rate in january, our friday market monitor thinks t
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forces called,fob. ford operating base in north star province in eastern afghanistan. one of the most difficult and dangerous areas to serve. he wrote to me first as a commander but also as a father and a husband and told me a little bit about how difficult it was and then he said, you know, he had all his guys read three cup office tea and really without education, whatever we do here is in vain. it's education is what we determined if these young men and women become literate patriots or illiterate terrorists and the stakes could not be higher. this comes from a united states military commander in the united states. i'll jump across the border and tell you why the stakes could not be higher. this is pakistan in 2005. 74,000 people were killed in this earthquake. 18,000 were kids going to school. most of the kids that died were younger and female because they didn't have desks so when the walls started shaking and the roof came down they perished. there was 9,000 schools destroyed or rendered unusable. 1/2 million kids displaced out of school. in earthquake, they call it the coy mot
%. same thing for ford. i think they are 41%. part of the reason for this is the positive sales numbers that we have had. take a look at where they are right now. keep in mind, january is usually a slow month. that is why you should even be more bullish on stocks. gm up 16%. chrysler up 16%. here is why you should continue to be polish on auto stocks. this is the amount of money that automakers put on the hood to try to get you to buy. honda's incentive spending down 27%. toyota is down 14%. that means that even though they are spending less to incense you, you compare it to the auto sales numbers in january, it did not matter. trucks, for example, did very well this month. that is an indication, you know, they had big incentives in december, if they buy them in january it is because they need them. all very bullish news from the auto sector. melissa: that is great. jeff flock, thank you so much. is your piggy bank going hungry? the percentage of americans that have nothing saved. lori: can you give it away? it seems as though war gets wound down in afghanistan, it begins in washington.
it in smaller vehicles. ford has had it in their suvs for a couple of years. >> and volvo is not taking this out of the equation. here's how it actually works. >> if there is no reaction from the driver, the display started to flash. if still no reaction from the driver, the truck's brakes are applied with a low braking force. finally, if still no reaction from the drive sir detected, an emergency full braking is performed. >> the real world test at the volvo test track. you can see a car up ahead moving now. watch what happens when the truck behind does not respond to the vehicle slowing down. [ beeper ] >> what? that is amazing, though. in a real situation without that technology that core could have been a crushed can. >> in europe, emergency systems will be required by law by 2015. you'll see a lot of this stuff there and hopefully it will trickle in. >>> best cat toy ever. ♪ ♪ >>> i think we can all agree the worst part of working out is working out. >> yeah. definitely. >> we should get all the benefits of a great cardio and muscle-building workout in just four minutes. >> sign me up.
momentum from last year. ford is expected to report in our 7:00 hour general motors at can. once again toyota is number one when it comes to consumer perception. ford, honda, chevrolet, and mercedes round out the top six. consumer reports magazine says the scores of all the strongest brands increased because more cars are becoming safer they have more value and get points for performance and design. >>> time now 6:21. new reports that forms synthetic marijuana have been discovered in the bay area. what a ktvu special report has uncovered. and how local stores are able to sell it. >>> plus a never seen before look at what it's like to ride one of the monster waves. jwwñ >>> welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. we are getting an amazing look at the big waves at the maverick competition. it shows winner peter catching monster waves in half-moon bay. he won $50,000 in that competition. he decided to split that money with six of his fellow competitors. >>> vallejo is on the verge of bringing an independent professional baseball team to the city. that is according to the vallejo
the way in january with a 27% jump. ford was up 22%. general motors and chrysler, 16% apiece. 2012 was the top yore for car sales -- top year for car sales in the last five. go what chuck hagel needs tonight. if he is to become the secretary of defense. chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel tells us hagel's confirmation hearing left doubters with plenty of questions. >> a day after bruising confirmation hearing, the former colleagues say the performance did not help his cause and did not win them over. >> i don't intend to vote for him in the committee or on the senate floor. there were so many inconsistencies yesterday, plained by well, i'd have to look at the whole context of what i said at the time. >> that brings the number of republican nos to 12 including richard burke, dan coates, john cornyn, cruz, inhof, kirk, rubio, pat roberts, viter and wicker. he incorrected stated that president obama's policy on the iran nuclear program. >> i just been handed a note that i, i misspoke and said i supported the president's position on containment. if i said that, meant to say
. >> we have numbers coming in from nord. january auto sales improvement of 21.8% for ford. that is better than what the street estimated. up 20.6%. what we're expecting for the month of january, not just from ford, but all the automakers, a range of sales pace for the industry between 15.2 and 15.4 million. that would be a big start to the year. given the fact that january is typically one of the slowest sales months for the auto industry. ford reporting an increase in january 21.8%, above the estimate of 20.6% increase. >> thank you very much, phil lebeau. bob, this is a big deal when they're right at the post. >> we're getting very close right now. it's looking 31 or so. right around there. it's jumping around here. 31.5 right now. the important thing here is, think animal vaccines. think pets. this industry is growing rapidly. look at the pricing, 22 to 25. $26 pricing. that's impressive number here. $2.2 billion. the biggest ipo we've had since facebook here. we'll be talking to the ceo briefly here. looking at 31.5 right now. everybody's talking about the strange rally this morning o
dressed in black, possibly wearing tactical gear and got away in a white ford taurus. he headed up murder and drug cases. authorities said he was not working on any high profile cases that required added security, but the d.a.'s office is heavily involved in the investigation of the aryan brotherhood of texas. on day of the shooting, two of the aryan members actually pleaded guilty to racketeering charges. here is the police chief talking about that. >> i will tell you we are not ruling out any involvement until we know. we have no specific information that aryan brotherhood is a factor here. we have no indication that more hassy had worked any cases recently that were directly related to aryan brotherhood. >> reporter: now investigators are looking into the caseload of the accident assistant d.a. to find out if there might have been any potential threats but as of right now. those suspects remain or suspect remains at large. >> alisyn: as of yesterday they sent out an alert for troopers to be on the lookout of a silver model ford taurus. thanks. >> alisyn: new video of americans speaking
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not do well but sales for january were up 22%, the best since 2006, the ford fusion, the ford escape posted record january sales and you know that the truck always does well. charles: i am looking at a truck myself. time to put standard and poor's on fantasy island. and the housing boom, they go back because california, the rating agency saying the raising taxes is going to help fix the state's budget and upgraded at state's that level. we are talking all the companies and all the people that believe in that state because of higher taxes, overregulation, use of hot water phil mickelson got into, we should back out the state is still, there is still out -- there's a state worse than that and that is illinois. we will talk about that in the next hour. we love hearing from you particularly today, and -- send your e-mail to we will read the money as they come in. seven early mover is. i want to start with sierra, beat the estimates top and bottom line, stop looking good today, $6.60 one cents in august of 2000, 26,000 shares, my every to be upset. home builder rev
, we might have hit an unemployment rate of 16, 17%. that's pretty horrible. lori: select ford tough reading your books in detail, not just the. >> demanded before our interview. once again, after the music stops. lori: democratic senators are saying they're optimistic about passing bipartisan immigration reform put up by the so-called gang of eight. democrats have made some of the empress and the issue. >> committed to getting this bipartisan issue that we now have before us over the finish line. >> never felt more positive about the prospects of real emigration from and that yesterday. >> wrigley the senate will deal to pass bipartisan legislation by the late spring or summer. that would give the house and the time to take up legislation and pass a bill before the end of 2013. lori: democrats also pledged to take the bill through regular order, allowing others to weigh and during committee and floor amendments. the 2007 emigration overall effort did not follow regular order, effective as some second treated to its failure. the old adage is never brand after a gunfight, but the depa
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are the voices ♪ this is the new year. captioning sponsored by 20th century fox brought to you by ford. go further. captioned by media access group at wgbh >>> a south pay car dealer is behind bars tonight accused of swindling doeses does -- dozens of people out of cash and high priced cars. good evening i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. now seven weeks later police have made an arrest. this may be just the first of the charges to come. maureen naylor has the story. >> reporter: the accused car swindler is still here in jail. tonight we broke the news to victims but say they are happy but are still out tens of thousands of the dollars. tonight this furniture outside is all that's left of the car dealership on east el camino real. police say this 50-year-old who we believe -- who went by this made up name andy paul made the scam. >> reporter: any idea how he was able to pull it off? >> no, we're not sure if he was taking money from one and giving it to another. no. >> reporter: this witness says he witnessed when someone came in and towed the last of the land
. ford, honda, shift, per ships -- mercedes round out the top considering quality, safety, value, design and technology. >> would pays the higher cell phone bills? iphone users or droid users? apple customers. 60 percent of iphone users pay more than $100 a month for their service, only 50 percent of droid users say they pay that much. blackberry and windows phone users pay even less. the reason is tied to carriage fees that cell phone companies have to pay. the survey comes from consumer intelligence research partners. >> only two days to go until the super bowl and we have all the angles covered this morning. ahead at 6:30 the harbaugh family press conference featuring jim and john. ♪ the land of the free >> there. beyonce quieting critics giving the media a private performance in the big easy. >> new information this morning from oakland police about an amber alert, a little girl abducted by her own father. i will have the latest aft >> abc7 news starts right now with live breaking news. >> we continue to follow the breaking news story an amber alert in oakland a missing one-year-ol
excel in areas that matter the most to them, such as safety. ford, honda, chevrolet and mercedes-benz round out the top five. the survey comes about a month after the detroit auto show where the industry shows off their latest and greatest models. back to you. >>> all right. shartia, thank you. >>> overnight, an emergency landing to tell you about with a scary twist. we'll tell you what happened when the pilot passed out. >>> we're tracking snow moving into the area. you've seen the snow where megan is in southern prince george's county. seeing it in western virginia as well. school closings are starting to come in, delays. >> we'll have the delays for you at the beginning of the 6:00 hour and we'll have them scrolling at will bottom of the screen as well. this newest winter storm. you're watching "news4 today."
in second is trd. ford and the next is honda. >> i said the dow climbed above 14,000 since the great depression i think meant recession. >> exactly. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> i'm a problem solver. >> i take out the trash. >> sylvester stallone teams up in "bullet to the head." along the way he meets up with district cop taylor kwan who is out to aadvantage his right and man. it's rated "r." an even older cast of characters getting together for no good fun in "stand up guys." alpha keno and christopher walk ken but things get complicated. standard guys is rated "r." finally, a zombie finds love in warm bodies. nicholas holt is say member of the walking dead but when he lays eyes on teresa palmer, gets all warm inside. he decides to save her. "warm bodies" is rated pg-13. >>> you may have noticed a lot of people wearing red today february 1st is the american heart association's wear red today. it's an effort to bring awareness to one of the greatest health threats to women. thanks to the american heart association more than 600,000 lives have been saved. heart disease is the numbe
of those fancy cars i can't ever on ford. we'll give you a behind the scenes look at the cars down there. >> always nice to dream. >> i love it. >>> straight ahead at 6:00, they won't be a bargain but if you have a little patience and some extra spending money, it is not too late to get super bowl tickets. we'll talk more about that in this morning's business beat. >> good luck. let's say good morning to today's fan of the day. it is janice hammond dickey. janice is not only a fan of ours but also of the baltimore ravens. we wish her good luck this sunday and for your chance to be fan of the day, log onto our facebook page and post a comment under janet's picture. we are checking on the commute and the weather when we come back. almost tastes like one of jack's cereals. fiber one. uh, forgot jack's cereal. [ jack ] what's for breakfast? um... try the number one! yeah, this is pretty good. [ male announcer ] over a third of a day's fiber. fiber one. ♪ shimmy, shimmy chocolate. ♪ shimmy, shimmy chocolate. ♪ we, we chocolate cross over. ♪ yeah, we chocolate cross over. ♪ [ male an
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you feel alive. meet the five-passenger ford c-max hybrid. c-max says ha. c-max says wheeee. which is what you get, don't you see? cause c-max has lots more horsepower than prius v, a hybrid that c-max also bests in mpg. say hi to the all-new 47 combined mpg c-max hybrid. ♪ and the home of the brave ♪ the brave >> well, that was the real thing. beyonce today singing the national anthem at her super bowl press conference. she said there will be no lip syncing on game day. there are more than 100 million viewers. welcome to my new colleague, rachel nichols. rachel is live at the superdome. we're thrilled to have you at the cnn family. congratulations on joining us and may you be here for a long and fruitfully successful time. >> thank you so much. your producer, jonathan, had a hand in me being at cnn. we'll see how i do on the rest of the appearance. if i do well, maybe he'll get a bonus. if not, maybe he'll get fired and you'll have to finish by yourself. >> let's kngo through the super bowl story by story. beyonce was an amazing moment today. this is a woman under huge pressur
in this country we don't even know about, the size of the bakken and eagle ford, the two shales that have made the pipe dream of north american energy self-sufficiency into a reality that we could see in just a couple years time. could you imagine? i think america's oil and gas industry is in the early innings of the second game of the double-header. first game being spindle top. and that's what makes me so hopeful about the rest of the year. beyond just betting history repeats itself. the baltimore-like industrials are beginning to flex their muscles. we've had only one solid quarter from china under our belt. we just jumped over the fiscal cliff in this country. europe just now stabilizing. these recoveries foretell a dramatic increase in orders for our industrials as we saw in the amazing durable goods and purchasing managers reports we just got. as for tech, who could ignore the spending that companies like amazon, facebook, and google are doing to build out their businesses? or how about so many tech firms, firms have put tech spending on hold pending the resolution of the fiscal cliff? o
" are auto thefts are up 17- percent throughout alameda county. ford f250's after the truck has been stripped of the metal the truck will be abandoned and found. .the highway patrol recommends drivers use steering wheel locking devices for protection ------------------------ the city of oakland will issue the nation's first dual purpose identification and debit card to undocumented and poor residents today. but many are concerned about issues of fraud with these cards. these dual purpose cards are not like regular debit cards but inscribed personal information like birth date and address. also anyone holding the card could make purchases without fraud will be difficult because the users identities wil be protected behind powerful financial privacy laws. also, compliance reforms from 2003 the firm managed to change the structure have not been completed. from of police misconduct. filed by residents of oakland. >> north park deli owner johnny kim tells me two of his workers who put the sandwiches together had the norovirus and didn't know it. kim says his workers delivered the food to bio care
's art ford, bastardize it and putting it in a form for others to consume. there's a political and social importance to food. you're not experiencing -- i can't read this. you're not experiencing it in its glory if you're not seeing that. what does that mean, though? only chinese people should be cooking chinese food? >> no. i actually -- i'm a big -- you know, my thing is this. i feel like a lot of people like to jump steps, at least in their understanding of food. number one, it's cultural soft power. that's how people fight these days is with soft power, and i think people need to in their cultures need to own the soft power that they create, and they need to control the messaging. at least in the foundational, like, beginnings when you are introducing it to another country. i think a lot of times in america people will travel outside and go find something in burma or find something in laos or thailand, and they'll bring it back and put it on a plate and drizzle a sauce over, it and now it's a restaurant. >> that's $30. >> that's $30. >> but is it good? you look at mario bat aly. when
for a whopping $300,000 in an auction with proceeds going to a military charity. it is a 2009 ford f-150 super group which according to kelley blue book is only worth 30,000. he sure did find the passenger side air bag panel for the new owner which was nice. would you pay this much for a truck? it is a nice truck. >> a little fuzzy math. does the truck actually come with the president? to see drive you around? also, the airbag panel being signed, that's kind of weird. [laughter] >> you know what, they raised a ton of money. this foundation is fabulous. there the ones who bought the truck, and they provide housing for military family members when their loved ones are in the hospital so that they can stay nearby. melissa: so you would have to pay that for the truck. >> even more. melissa: really? i'm impressed. moving on, have you heard about the scandal? former nfl quarterback father love child with a production assistant back in 2005. today we learned you did not tell anyone except his wife. keeping the affair and the millions and pay out money in secret from the cbs sports boss, even his agen
sentence for. >> liam ford, thanks for filling us in. we appreciate it. >> thank you, have a good day. >> you too. >>> one of the worst days in nasa history took place ten years ago today. it was on this date in 2003 that the space shuttle "columbia" broke up over texas during reentry. all seven astronauts were killed because unknown to them debris hit the shuttle wing during the launch. this morning, nasa pays tribute to the crew of "columbia" along with those killed in the "challenger" explosion and in a fire during an "apollo 1" test. a wreath is being placed at the memorial at the kennedy space center in florida. >>> the man who says he presented to be manti te'o's girlfriend is speaking out. why he decided to kill off the persona he created. he says it was partly because he was in love with te'o. >> me, ronaiah, i was hurting. it hit me like a brick wall. i was like, whoa, i've given so much to this. and i realized in that moment i poured so much into it that i, myself, wasn't getting nothing. and look at what i was left with. i was crying that morning, i was hurt, emotionally, a
has been wonderful with us. we had a special evening last night, where edsel ford was honored and the mayor came by to give his regards and the city council. this show does a lot for the economic vitality of the city. hotel rooms that are being sold with all the people, the industry that come from out of town and the media. all the people at that run this show. people are down here, the public, you know, going to all of our restaurants and everything. taxis. we make it rain and everybody gets wet. >> reporter: i like that. make it rain and -- you heard it from the man. mr.murphy thank you very much. >> i didn't say snow. i said rain. >> reporter: we're making it rain, according to mr. murphy. we're going to talk more about some of the other unique and brand-new things that are down here as far as cars are concerned. tony and allison, back to you. and we have some things that may fit into your budgets as well. especially that rolls royce? >> i think the astin martin probably for him. >> reporter: martin for allison, rolls royce for tony. >> perhaps it's a remote control car. >>
. >> absolutely. remember things in the mid-'70s with the ford administration, the sense that new york was on its own and was going down. koch became the physically and political embodiment of new york's revival. as a politician, i don't think he paid a lot of money for pollsters. i don't think he did a lot of testing of the sound bites before he said them. and you've got to love that. he was just out there. >> yeah. a couple of other news stories we have going on this morning at 8:30, we'll be covering this live. the labor department will release its first jobs report of the year, which is expected to show the economy largely unchanged from the last month of 2012. unemployment rate still at 7.8%. >> and we're going to hear -- the president's jobs council. >> exactly. >> will weigh in. >> i was just getting to that. >> this report is critical. >> okay. >> you need a jobs council. >> fine. they're getting rid of it. >> a lot of times i'm critical of this administration, but i think -- i think putting together jobs, willie, what did i say? this jobs council thing. he's got it right. this is going t
and saw a vehicle making a turn past the area where she was at, and a silver ford taurus drove past her at a high rate of speed. she began heading into work and she saw the police cars coming to the scene and she figured one thing must be related to the other so she called police and gave them an idea of the direction that the shooters left in. >> that's where the investigation stands right now. eric is an attorney and friend of mark hasse. we appreciate you for being with us. >> thank you very much, i appreciate it. >>> still ahead on "starting point" a big change in the contraceptive coverage mandate. what it means for religious organizations. details are coming up next.  >> welcome back everybody. we are discussing this morning this new story in to cnn, religiously affiliated organizations are now going to be able to opt out of providing their employees with insurance coverage for contraceptives under updates to an obama administration mandate. you remember this was a topic of big, hugely controversial during the election. >> very controversial. >> if an institution decides to op
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